March 23, Pakistan Day- Long Live Pakistan

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Dear Nimbus RMS Users,
We hope, Nimbus is taking care of all your retail needs. As always, we are constantly trying to make things better and speedier for our Nimbus RMS customers. There have been two major developments to make retail in cloud speedier and easier.

First, now you don’t need to switch to offline mode when the internet goes down. Nimbus will do it for you! Yes, now  Nimbus knows what’s exactly is needed and will do it so that you can make sales quickly and without worries. 

Second, now Nimbus is not dependent on a specific browser. It can work with all browsers like Google chrome, internet explorer or Firefox Mozilla.

Click the link below to listen to the updates. 

In our markets of Lahore series, we have covered Brandereth Road Lahore Market. We are sharing the link, do visit it and give us feedback.

Visit our YouTube channel for Nimbus tutorials in both English and Urdu. You can also get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Or get back to us with your suggestions and feedback at :

Yours in Retail,
Team Nimbus
LumenSoft Technologies
131-A, Abubakar Block, New Garden Town, Lahore – Pakistan.
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